Horrible ER visit to Sherman Hospital in Elgin

February 1, 2010

After receiving a bad dog bite on Thursday Jan 28th and being treated wonderful at the Sherman Walk In center in Algonquin Illinois and receiving 25 stitches there I came home and later in the evening fell down my stairs and badly hurt my left foot, same side as my hurt hand. I took the day friday and iced it and hoped it would improve – sadly I could put no weight on it, couldnt use crutches because of my stitches and after a sleepness night in intesne pain decided to listen to my husband TJ, and had him take me to the new SHERMAN HOSPITAL SUPER DUPER, WONDERFUL new hospital.

(Sorry this is long) I was loaded into a wheelchair, and had x-rays, I was toldin the x-ray room there was no break but possible muti fractures and torn ligaments I was told they would give me something for the pain and the doctor would see me-I was wheeled back into a waiting type room with other patient’s and and kind lady from administration came in to take my info ( in front of everyone) I also heard confidential information based on the other peoples admin process. At this point, they forgot about me, not like, forgot about me in a private room because someone came in and their head fell off, but forgot about me in the middle of a room with other patients, I listened as the doctor spent 25 minutes talking to a kid about wrestling….another guy she spent talking about his sore on his foot from dancing too much at his wedding. She looked at me and said, wow, i keep forgetting about you…. I got pushed closer to the magic doctor door. 25 more minutes she says yet again , opps , I forgot you again! … she says, so yea your fine, will wrap your foot and you can go… (nothing for pain, no checking the x-rays)…. again, walks away to talk to nurse about missing her lunch… opps, she caught my evil glare, said I forgot again!!!, I put on my little sock, grabbed my coat, pushed myself off that wheel chair, which flew across room and in complete rage walked, hobbled, and dragged myself out of there in tears… at which point in the waiting room as TJ is almost carrying me out, I hear. Mrs. Wertz STOP!! STOP!!!. we need to wrap your foot,I will admit to loosing my temper and I am ashamed to say I told her she was a fucking bitch, and to take the wrap and discharge papers and shove them up her ass. The nurse approached as the doctor took cover behind the glass and begged TJ to at least wrap my foot, she kept saying how sorry she was and I told her how sorry I was she had to work under Sandra Jaeschke who did nothing but verbally abuse her staff the whole time I was being “Forgotten”, the Nurse than gave my husband the discharge papers and ace bandgages. Now it gets funny, we get home, look at the papers and it clearly states some RX for meds… (there was no RX page included) so I called, guess who they make me talk to? yep Dr.Bitch who tells me.. ohh well too bad you mentioned to my nurse you received meds at the other day so too bad, just deal with it. I was never asked how much meds, what type of meds, or if I had enough meds. the answer was not enough meds, not meds for the pain and certainly not enough to help at all!

I can not use crutches because the stitches in my left hand keep busting open and I cant put any pressure on that hand ( Cant even open a door) the bad foot is my left foot, so I have to either scoot on my rump in the tile and wood surfaces and crawl like a baby on the carpet to get anywhere, Every time I crawl to the washroom I keep saying… she said just deal with it, and I am the best I can till Monday but I cant get in or out of chairs or beds, I cant dress myself, cook, take care of the animals or really anything at all. If the pain was not so bad I could deal a whole lot better than this, I am super women after all, but this is crazy. I will have someone take me somewhere else on monday my foot is just getting bigger and the pain is shooting up my leg. So that are the facts of my Sherman Hospital horror story so whatever you do if you live out here, DO NOT GO TO SHERMANS NEW HOSPITAL! You would get better care at your neighborhood vet or local morgue.


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February 1, 2010

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